Jimmy Kimmel opens up about resurgence of optimism in America – Deadline

On Monday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, host Jimmy Kimmel spoke of the resurgence of optimism in America.

“I’ll tell you something. Here in the United States things are really improving,” he said. “There’s a new sense of optimism like that [has] not been felt for some time.

Kimmel then cited a new ABC poll, which found Americans “more hopeful for the future than they have been in 15 years.”

“Of course, the poll was conducted before we found out that Elon Musk is hosting Saturday Night Live“He added,” so we’ll see if that holds up. But 64% of Americans say they like the way things are going. “

But right now Americans aren’t just feeling more optimistic. “We’re also getting more in love,” Kimmel explained.

The host explained that over the past month, condom sales have exploded, increasing by 24%. “And why not?” he impassive. “Either way, you’re at Walgreens getting your shot. You can also buy a 12 pack of White Claw and a carton of Durex. “

One source of optimism for Americans is the continued easing of restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic. As of today, the host noted, Los Angeles public libraries are open again. “So eventually we can go inside and read a book,” he joked.

In LA County, the playgrounds are also open, which is especially exciting for Kimmel. “I was tired of dressing the children Patrol patrol costumes and take them to the dog park, ”he said.

Check out all of Kimmel’s opening monologue above.

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