Jimmy Kimmel compares Bill Maher to Tom Brady, admitting he shoots for Super Bowl quarterback – Deadline

Jimmy Kimmel and Bill Maher had a great love of late night comedy to kick off tonight’s episode of Real time, with guest comparing the host to Super Bowl quarterback Tom Brady.

Sunday’s Super Bowl LV pits Brady’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers against the Kansas City Chiefs, defending quarterback champion Patrick Mahomes. Maher moaned, “If I have to listen to sports broadcasters or someone else on TV sucking Tom Brady’s d – k…” Hearing the hype, Maher said he had prayed, “If he please, Mahomes, beat that motherf – ker! “

ABC’s host Jimmy Kimmel Live admitted that while “Brady certainly won his share of everything,” he nonetheless supports Brady on Sunday for a reason he believes is universal. “He’s a guy his employer told him…” he said, preparing to describe Brady’s departure from the New England Patriots, before a thought occurred to him. “By the way, it reminds me a bit of you,” he told Maher. “When you were at ABC, they said, ‘Okay that’s it – we’re done. You’ve had huge success here on HBO. You are like Tom Brady. I think you want the rewards for yourself! In other words, he seems to suggest, Maher is somehow jealous of Brady for possibly pulling off an act of revenge that would surpass Maher’s bounce after being bounced on ABC. Politically incorrect.

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“Everyone who’s been fired from a job says, ‘Ugh, I would like to see this guy quit this job,” Kimmel reasoned. “They go to the bathroom, he goes to Tampa – which is also a bathroom, let’s be honest. I lived there, I know. And then he’s in the Super Bowl again and, who knows, he might win it.

The duo covered a few other topics during the chatty segment, including Maher’s 10-year investment in the New York Mets baseball team – which Maher said came to an end during ” imminent death of 2020 ”. Even though he “constantly wrote checks” during a period when the team were unable to play, he was still “playing like a king’s bandit” on his initial bet.

Noting how many people seem to want to leave California (a favorite subject for Maher), the host asked Kimmel to describe a recent road trip he took to Idaho in an RV with his family. He admitted that after sweating in a hot tent – “Did you know that tents are not air conditioned?” Kimmel asked. “Tents?!” Maher responded – the family packed their bags and headed to Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. “They have RV parking there!” Kimmel added. “Of course they do,” Maher said, after admitting he is pining for his lost Vegas tour dates to Covid-19.

Speaking of the pandemic, the two also compared the notes on having to perform to an audience consisting only of their own editors due to health and safety restrictions. Kimmel joked that his writers were tired of listening to him. “We should change staff!” He proposed. “It will be like swing,” he explained, “but for the talk shows.

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