Jimmy Kimmel and Trevor Noah give President Biden’s speech a high five – Deadline

President Joe Biden delivered his first speech in a joint session of Congress on Wednesday. Even though the room wasn’t full and there wasn’t a lot of laughs, he provided plenty for the late night comics.

Jimmy Kimmel called the speech a “speech of hope. He spoke of turning peril into prosperity. He said that “life can overthrow us. But in America, we never stay down. In America, we always stand up. Except Ted Cruz – who was fast asleep for a long time. Look at it – dreaming of Cancun, no doubt. Lyin ‘Ted just turned into Snoozin’ Cruz.

After the speech, Kimmel noted, “An incredible thing has happened.” He noted: “Every black Republican senator has come together to let the American people know that the Republican Party is not racist. And then Tim quickly returned to the Sensory Deprivation Egg he calls home. Senator Scott accused the Democrats in his rebuttal of using race as a weapon. When the truth is – we are more concerned with people who use guns as a weapon.

Watch the full monologue below.

Trevor Noah also weighed in on Biden’s speech. For hundreds of years, Joe Biden has sat and watched other presidents address Congress, he noted.

Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi became the first pair of women to have “a president’s balding front row seats,” Noah added.

Watch the full track below.

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