Jimin’s Anatomy, Fall In Love With These Body Details!

Know all the details of BTS’s Jimin anatomy that make him an unrepeatable idol, BTS’s Jimin will steal your heart with each of the details that adorn his entire body.

The BTS guys are known for their professionalism and delivery on stage, the singers and rappers are one of the most famous bands in the world. Before their debut, the Bangtan Boys prepared intensively for a period in different areas such as: rap, dance, singing and modeling to perfect their artistic skills.

Jimin is one of the most recognized and beloved singers by the public, the powerful choreography and movements of the BTS member are very striking, the artist of Big Hit Entertainment discovered his love for dancing from a very young age.

The idol, originally from the city of Busan in South Korea, has left on several occasions because he is one of the most acclaimed K-pop artists for his live and concert performances.

This time we bring you the details of Jimin’s physique, all those characteristics that make him unique and that ARMY loves him. Tell us! What is your favorite body part of BTS’s Park Jimin?


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One of Jimin’s physical hallmarks is hair, the BTS Idol has experimented with different styles, shapes and colors, plus he has a habit of doing his hair back, a gesture that steals ARMY’s heart.

What hair color do you like the most in Jimin?


Owww. Park Jimin has adorable hands that go very well with his personality, it is one of the characteristics of his anatomy that fills ARMY with tenderness. Jimin’s little hands are small and there is a big difference from his BTS peers.


Park Jimin is famous for his well-worked and toned body, the singer has talked about his exercises to keep fit. Since his debut, he drew attention to the step where he shows his abs. How to forget the presentation of the 2014 MAMA awards?


Jimin has very expressive eyes and when he laughs his eyes become small, another element that adds tenderness to his physique. On some occasions he has been joking around with his BTS peers about his eyes.

ARMY loves the sincere and confident gaze of Big Hit Entertainment’s Idol.


Park Jimin has heart-shaped lips, they are thick, a natural red color and they captivate the public when they sing or laugh. What do you think of Jimin’s lips?


ARMY loves when Jimin wears a necklace or detail that adorns his neck, although that part of his body is just as charming without accessories.


Jimin usually exercises a lot, which is reflected in the muscles of his back, he sports a very strong trunk and ready for any dance step.


Jimin’s legs are a topic of conversation between ARMY, being a dancer, the good muscular condition of his limbs is of utmost importance, so Jimin sports strong and healthy legs that look fabulous on stage.


Jimin’s arms are the result of hours in the gym and with the dance routines so elaborate the Idol carries incredible arms. Would you like to be hugged by Jimin?

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