Jimin was recognized again by WHO with these words

BTS member Jimin once again received recognition from the WHO for his nice words towards health personnel.

Park Jimin, better known as Jimin, received another recognition from the World Health Organization (WHO), the most recent from Dr. Takeshi Kasai, WHO Regional Director for the Western Pacific.

September at hand 24, Dr. Takeshi Kasai posted his message for BTS’s Jimin on his official Twitter account and said, “Thank you BTS Jimin for your empathy and encouragement for the healthcare professionals who are working so hard to keep the healthy people throughout the Region. We need everyone from all parts of society to come together to fight COVID19. ”

Jimin is known for his kindness and sincerity that can be felt through his words. Use their platform to spread nothing but positivity, courage, and hope during these difficult times.

On September 3, during BTS’s World Media Day in celebration of the group’s first No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, Jimin delivered a statement regarding the current difficult situation due to COVID-19.

The South Korean artist believed that it would take us more time and energy to fight it and that success would be easier if we all worked together. Jimin offered healing and comforting words and his music to hard-working healthcare workers and those suffering from COVID19. As such, he received a compliment from WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus via his official Twitter.

Jimin is praised on social media

Prior to this, Jimin was praised by WHO social media director Sari Setiogi Griberg on August 29 after a photo of Jimin wearing a mask was shared during his dance rehearsal for MTV VMA on BTS’s InstaStory. .

Since then, Ms. Griberg has shown continued appreciation for Jimin’s contribution to fighting COVID through her speeches, interviews, and music.

Give money even more to Jimin’s enormous influence, the WHO social media team used Jimin’s solo song “Filter” as background music in the WHO COVID19 prevention promotional video posted on Tiktok on 5 September further confirmed the unprecedented global musical power and enormous impact of Jimin’s solo songs.

According to WHO’s Dr. Michael Ryan, there are three things lurking in frontline healthcare workers facing COVID19. First, it’s to stay there and watch people die because they can’t help them.

Second, watching a co-worker or friend get infected. Third, there is the possibility that they could carry the disease to their families. Knowing these facts would make us appreciate the contributions and sacrifices that these health personnel made and help us to realize that we must support and thank them all.

Jimin has been honest that this pandemic brought him hard times as an artist. However, he remained positive and full of hope that one day this pandemic will come to an end.

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