Jimin Receives Job Proposal From Zootopia Director

Jimin’s talent impressed Jared Bush, director of the animated film ‘Zootopia’. Jared Bush, director of the film ‘Zootopia’ sent an important message to Jimin of BTS.

In the most recent episode of the RUN! Show, the members of BTS shared their dubbing skills, the mission of the idols was to give voice to characters very loved by the public.

The Bangtan Boys lived with a dubbing professional, the instructor gave many techniques and tips for Jimin, Jin, Jungkook, J-Hope, RM, Suga and V to take better advantage of their voice tone.

Jimin excited the entire fandom when he made the adorable voice of Judy, a very brave bunny, star of the animated film ‘Zootopia’, the interpreter of ‘Lie’ looked professional on the recording.

Jimin’s work went as far as Jared Bush, co-director of the film ‘Zootopia’, the also screenwriter, who posted a message for the BTS idol on his official Twitter account, wrote:

“I’m super … impressed … with you … Jimin … your Judy … the readings are … perfect. When can we … work together?”

Bush accompanied the text with a photograph showing various stuffed animals of the ‘Zootopia’ characters such as: Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde and Flash. Jared’s photo already has more than 70 thousand likes.

Jared Bush in his post tagged the accounts of: @bts_bighit, @bts_twt and @BUSANBOY___TWT, the fan who sent him the clip of Jimin recorded the different scenes of Judy Hopps. So don’t be surprised if Park Jimin is collaborating with Disney soon.

‘Zootopia’ was produced by Walt Disney Animation, it is one of the most successful films in recent years, reaching more than $ 76 million at the box office in the United States alone.

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