Jimin performing at BTS MOTS ON: E Concert

Jimin performed at the BTS MOTS ON: E Concert and his majestic participation made it a trend on all social networks.

This Saturday, BTS successfully completed D1 of their 2-day online concert, also known as “Map of the Soul ON: E”. The best Kpop group offered explosive performances and magnificent stages.

BTS member Jimin in particular led the trend on different online sites around the world after a successful first day of BTS’s online concert.

Contrary to what Jimin said during its completion, he gave excellent performances, including encore performance. Two of his great performances left a major impact, such as his unexpected solo contemporary dance to “Black Swan” and, of course, the debut performance of his # 1 Billboard World Digital Song hit, “Filter.”

Jimin was trending on various keywords. The keyword “JIMINS” became a worldwide trend as soon as 30 minutes after the concert started. JIMINS also showed a trend in other countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, the Philippines, Malaysia and Australia.

Also, the keyword “PARK JIMIN” had a worldwide trend and in the United States. FILTER NEXT was also trending in the United States, as fans anticipated the long-awaited first stage of Filter.

Jimin is a world trend

Jimin was trending with 22+ keywords, 6 world trending words, and 8 US words and 5 South Korean words.

Meanwhile, #WeLoveYouJimin ranked No. 8 worldwide and No. 1 in South Korea after Jimin shed tears of regret during its completion because he was unable to meet fans in person due to the Corona outbreak. -19. Fans immediately posted their messages of love and comfort for Jimin, who will be celebrating his 26th birthday on October 13.

Jimin was trending on Weibo, a Chinese microblogging website after his wonderful solo performance in Black Swan. Jimin was the first member of the group to trend on the site and peaked at # 38.

Additionally, Jimin also dominated the Japanese sites Twipple and Tsuiran. The South Korean artist ranked No. 1 on the Twipple realtime trend and No. 1 on the daily chart trend after MOTS ON: E concluded and became the highest BTS member trend on Twipple.

Meanwhile, Jimin also ranked at No. 4 on another Japanese website, Tsuiran. He became the highest trending member of BTS and the only member in the Top 15 of another Japanese website, Tsuiran.

Jimin has become the only Yahoo Realtime Trending member in Japan.

Jimin was previously reported to be trending worldwide with 2 keywords when he posted a blurry photo of his dance rehearsals counting the days remaining before the concert online. It was trending all over the world with Jiminie and Filter, as there has been a lot of anticipation for the Filter stage.

Jimin did not disappoint as he showed different variations of himself during Filter’s first live performance. The BTS member goes from cute to charming and then ended up sexy, wowing viewers around the world.

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