Jimin makes ARMY more in love with fans

Jimin is one of the ARMY’s most loved BTS members! These drawings show their love and admiration for you.

Of all the fan communities that are dedicated to drawing fanart, we would say that the BTS community is one of the most devoted. There are probably thousands of fanart pieces from the famous K-Pop group produced every day.

ARMY creates watercolor art, detailed graphite drawings, cute chibis, quick comics, digital art, and much more. Not only the BTS community, better known as ARMY, is dedicated, but also talented.

Some ARMY artists are inspired by BTS’s music. Others are inspired by the famous group’s fanfic, however, all of them are quite impressive. One of the most impressive fanarts are those dedicated to Jimin.

Jimin and his awesome fanart

We picked out some of the best Jimin fanart drawings we’ve seen recently for your eyeballs. Maybe get a notebook to jot down some ideas. These drawings could inspire you to create your own BTS fanart.

With his purple hair and heart-shaped hand sign, Jimin looks different but impressive in this drawing. We love the detail of photographing this fanart with the white flowers in the corner. It really adds a lot of personality to the shot.

Many fans stick with their favorite BTS member’s important dates as a way to thank him for his passion for music and show their love for the ARMY. This star drawing was made as a belated tribute to Jimin’s birthday

This ARMY was inspired by BTS’s English song “Dynamite”. They really captured the bright colors and pop vibe of the “Dynamite” music video. Good job!.

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