Jimin Conquers ARMY With His New Selcas

Jimin is trending on the Internet for these new selfies that he shared with ARMY. Through the VLive radio show ‘JiJinJung’, the BTS guys revealed that on August 21 they will release a new single, some of the details of this track from the Big Hit Entertainment band are not yet specified, but ARMY is excited to know what #BTSISCOMING.

Park Jimin updated his activities on Twitter, in the official profile of the band he posted two new selfies where he appears with intensely black hair and wears a shirt of the same color.

In Jimin’s selcas, the idol sent a message to all his fans:


Jimin’s selfies so far have more than 1 million likes from Internet users, in the more than 500 thousand comments ARMY spoke about how good it looks and how much they miss the presence of the idol.

Immediately the ‘PARK JIMIN’ trend took over all social platforms, the impact of the interpreter of ‘Serendipity’ is incredible, conquering each of the hearts of his followers.

Tell us in the comments! What do you think of Jimin’s new selfies on Twitter? The idol stole some sighs from you?

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