Jimin Becomes The New Leader Of BTS

Jimin becomes the new leader of BTS. The group continues with promotions for their album “Map of the soul 7: The Journey”, so the boys performed on the Japanese show SONGS, where they talked about their dreams as artists, so the idol had the opportunity to meet one of them, we tell you the details.

During the interview, BTS was questioned about their dream as a group, the boys explained that they wanted to continue together for 20 more years if possible, Jimin mentioned that even he wanted to continue living with them after several years, so Suga named him as the new one. BTS leader.

Namjoon, who has held this role for 7 years as the group’s voice in foreign interviews, and who gave an emotional speech about self-love, decided to give up his place and they traded seats when someone yelled “We’re in trouble.” LOL

The boys began to joke about Jimin’s new position, as the idol said that if he said something they had to obey, although he was also candid about his wishes for the group. The idol made a promise and asked that they trust him.

Jimin wants BTS to reach the peak of success and asked for the support of his teammates as he stood up and made a kind of oath just like a soldier. ARMY shared various clips of the moment on social networks, as they found it something adorable and a lot of fun.

Although each of the boys has a role, their common desire is to continue to fulfill their dreams as BTS, for 10, 20 or even up to 40 years in the future. What do you think of the new leader?

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