Jim Mattis accuses Trump of trying to ‘split’ the United States

Jim Mattis, former defense secretary of Donald Trump, who resigned because he disagreed with the withdrawal of American troops from Syria, accused the president of trying to “divide” the country.

“In my entire life, Donald Trump was the first president who does not try to unite Americans, who does not even intend to try,” he said, in an online statement published on Wednesday (3) by The Atlantic magazine.

“On the contrary, he is trying to divide us,” added the retired Navy general, who has so far avoided commenting directly on the government of the Republican billionaire.

“He saw this week’s events unfold, anger and dismay,” he continued in his accusation, in which he supports protesters who are “correctly” calling for equal rights.

The May 25 death in Minneapolis of George Floyd, a black man suffocated by a white policeman, mobilized a historic protest against racism, police violence and social inequality. Hundreds of thousands of people demonstrated peacefully across the country, but there were also looting and unrest.

Donald Trump was silent on the protesters’ criticisms and used a martial tone when threatening to use the army on the streets, presenting himself as “the president of law and order”.

“We should not be distracted by a few transgressors. The protests unite tens of thousands of people with principles that insist that everyone live by respecting values, ”said Mattis.

“We must reject and hold those in power responsible if they want to violate our Constitution,” he adds.

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