Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Returning as ‘Bennifer’? Matt Damon hopes it’s true!

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck heading to Montana airport go viral, Matt Damon wants his ex-couple to reunite (Photo credit – Getty Images)

Hollywood star Matt Damon thinks it would be “awesome” if her dear friend, actor-filmmaker Ben Affleck, recovers with Latina pop superstar Jennifer Lopez.

Affleck and Lopez, known to fans as Bennifer when they were a couple, were recently seen together, and photos of the two have been around. After Jennifer Lopez split from baseball ace Alex Rodriguez, there is a huge buzz that Bennifer could be back together.

Matt Damon, who is a close friend of Affleck’s, was drawn into a discussion on Tuesday’s “Today” show when asked about the new photos of a reunited Ben and Jen taking the tour.

“There isn’t enough alcohol in the world for you to make me say something about it,” Damon first replied, according to a report on pagesix.com.

Matt Damon added, “I love them both. I hope it’s true. That would be great.”

The photos referred to appeared in the Daily Mail. Page Six said the snapshots show Affleck, 48, and Jennifer Lopez, 51, heading to the Montana airport together and then arriving in Los Angeles. The website cited sources as saying that two celebrities – who broke up after getting engaged in 2004 – attended a party together in Montana.

Sources close to Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez told the website that they were just friends.

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