Jenna Coleman to star in Oscar-winning David Parfitt’s TV drama ‘The War Rooms – Deadline

Jenna Coleman, who recently starred in the BBC / Netflix drama The snake, plays Joan Bright, the woman who ran Winston Churchill’s secret bunker in Whitehall, in a dramatic television series.

Dr Who The Coleman star is tied to the head War rooms, created by To move on writer David Chidlow, and comes from David Parfitt, just after winning two Oscars for The Father, including performance by Anthony Hopkins and Best Adapted Screenplay, and former Content Media chairman of the film Jamie Carmichael.

War rooms explore the untold story of the women who lived, loved and triumphed in Winston Churchill’s secret bunker in Whitehall.

Bright is a former girlfriend of James Bond author Ian Fleming and has been considered one of Miss Moneypenny’s inspirations. His memoirs The inner circle: a vision of war at the top was opted for the series.

‘The Snake’: Jenna Coleman, Billy Howle, Ellie Bamber Join BBC / Netflix Drama

War rooms is a co-production between Atlantic Nomad and Trademark Films with Coleman directing producing alongside Simon Mirren and Chidlow. The Imperial War Museums, of which The Churchill War Rooms is one of five IWM branches in the UK, will join them as a serial consultant and the cast will be overseen by Orla Maxwell of Casting Pictures.

The series will follow Bright and his colleagues as events and challenges unfold, creating a sense of the emotions they feel in those moments. Each season will cover 12-18 months of warfare – from the shock of the outbreak of war and sustaining the fight to the final push for victory and the battle to shape modern Britain as we know it.

Jenna Coleman said: “Joan Bright was never going to live a conventional life – a young woman who lived her war days under the Official Secrets Act, undercover and clandestinely in the war rooms. This story is so fascinating not only because of its unique and liberal spirit, ironic wit, and curiosity to live through, but because of the opportunity to examine this endlessly fascinating time through an intimate and human lens. Proximity and closeness of days and nights lived in this small space, the bearers of truth amid the oblivion of propaganda from above. The beauty and fragility of human connection when living in a time when no one knows what tomorrow will bring. I’m so excited to unearth these hidden lives and at a time when it feels so relevant to me right now. “

“I’ve always been fascinated by courts around great leaders – places of intrigue, drama and quiet heroism. With War rooms, we want to shine a light on the remarkable and unannounced women who helped win a world war and helped shape our modern society. To do justice to this vision, we are building a diverse team, led by women, who approach this time and this topic in a truly new and distinctive way. A team which, in order to better explore our historical world, resembles our modern world, ”added David Chidlow.

“Jenna is one of the UK’s most loved and praised actresses, whose career has seen her constantly stretch and redefine herself. As a lead actor and executive producer, she was instrumental in bringing War rooms live. Our intention is to build a series that takes a truly new look at an important part of our collective history. A show that is neither polite nor respectful, but raw, confronting and offering new experiences, perspectives, stories and faces. Those who speak directly to our current and turbulent times and, critically, to audiences thirsty for hopeful stories that help frame and make sense of today and tomorrow, ”said David Parfitt and Jamie Carmichael.

Jenna Coleman is represented by CAA and B-Side Management.

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