Jeff Wilke preparing to retire

Jeff Wilke, Amazon’s head of consumer operations, will retire in the first quarter of next year

Amazon’s head of consumer business Jeff Wilke announced that he will retire in the first quarter of 2021 and his role will be taken over by Dave Clark, the current senior vice president of global operations.

This announcement was made during a securities presentation on Friday morning, August 21, and in memoranda that were sent by CEO Jeff Bezos and Wilke to Amazon workers.

According to what Wike has declared, he still does not have a new job, he is happy and he feels as proud as always of Amazon, Jaw, as he is known within the organization also indicates that despite being very comfortable, he already it is time to give space to other talents to take their place.

Wilke joined Amazon in 1999, when the e-commerce giant was only five years old, and Wilke started out as an operations executive, eventually rising to the executive ranks in operations and consumer businesses. to finally get the title in 2016 of CEO in charge of the global consumer business.

Amazon will lose one of its CEOs

For his part, his next successor, Clark, also joined Amazon in 1999, and landed his current position as CEO of operations in January 2013, making him the next logical candidate for Wilke’s position.

The change is significant as Wilke is one of three people at Amazon with a CEO title, as is the head of Amazon Web Services, Andy Jassy, ​​and Jeff Bezos himself, who is the CEO of the company, we must remember that those CEO titles for Jassy and Wilke, granted in 2016, which left them as the possible heirs of Bezos.

In addition, the global consumer business represents Amazon’s largest business as it has e-commerce operations around the world, and although Clark has been with the company as long as Wilke, there is no question that a new business will take place. transition stage as far as leadership is concerned.

Jeff Bezos also expressed that Wilke’s legacy and impact will endure long after his departure and that he has been one of those people who gave Amazon an identity.

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