James Murdoch blows up “media that spread lies” – Deadline

James Murdoch, the renegade son of the Murdoch family dynasty that broke with the empire last summer, publicly denounced the “media owners” whose denial of the elections contributed to the violent storming of the US Capitol last week that left five people dead.

“The sacking of Capitol Hill is proof that what we thought dangerous is indeed very, very good. These media outlets that spread lies to their audiences have unleashed insidious and uncontrollable forces that will stay with us for years to come, ”the younger Murdoch said in a Financial Times interview on Friday.

He did not name Fox News, but the network run by his father Rupert and brother Lachlan, respectively chairman and CEO of parent company Fox Corp., has pushed baseless rumors that President Donald Trump has won an election. that he had clearly lost. The endless repetition of the lie on Fox, on rival channels that nibble Fox from the right, and by Trump and his allies, has inflamed the President’s base so much that they attacked Congress, threatened lawmakers and temporarily shut them down to certify President-elect Joe Biden. electoral victory.

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“I hope people who didn’t think it was so dangerous now understand and stop,” Murdoch told the FT, although he “hasn’t seen any evidence of it yet.”

Murdoch, once considered Rupert’s alleged heir, walked away from the business after Walt Disney acquired most of Fox’s entertainment assets two years ago. He has publicly expressed his distress at the way News Corp. covered the devastating wildfires in Australia in 2019-2020, refusing to acknowledge that climate change had played a role.

In February last year, he announced investments in three environment and climate related projects. He officially resigned from the board of News Corp. in August 2020, citing “disagreements over certain published editorial content”.

James Murdoch and his wife Kathryn Murdoch said in a statement to the FT that: “The spread of disinformation – whether it’s about elections, public health or climate change – has real consequences.”

“Many media owners have as much responsibility for this as elected officials who know the truth but instead choose to spread lies. We hope that the horrific scenes we have all seen will eventually convince these facilitators to repudiate the toxic policy they have promoted once and for all.

Earlier this week, Murdoch and former Disney Asia-Pacific chief Uday Shankar announced a new venture to explore mobile phone and connectivity opportunities in India and Southeast Asia that will be backed by the company. of Murdoch’s investment, Lupa Systems.

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