Jackson opens its first Pop up Store next to TEAM WANG

Jackson Wang celebrated with the team and some guests the beginning of a new stage. Aspecial event was held in Shanghai for the opening of the first TEAM WANG brand store .

After working for a long time on this project, Jackson went to the first TEAM WANG Pop-Up Store today, the company he formed 3 years ago and which is now beginning its journey in a new field.

For this reason, the Pop-Up Store located in Shanghai brought together guests and various media in an event organized for the opening of the first store that also offers a conceptual space that everyone can enjoy.

Jackson arrived accompanied by his team and, despite the fact that the store had not yet been opened to the public, a large number of people were waiting outside, so he did not hesitate to approach and cross the barrier formed by the visitors, greeting in each section.

The Pop-Up Store has a minimalist style, the walls of the site are completely white, but the included items are all black and are accompanied by the characteristic TEAM WANG logo .

Rather than having conventional sideboards, the TEAM WANG products were placed in perfect facilities for taking some pictures due to the artistic feel they convey.

Jackson greeted the media, thanked all those who supported the project and also made a toast to celebrate this stage that is just beginning, since within a few hours fans will be able to start acquiring the products of this brand.

Recently, Jackson Wang showed an athletic image in the photoshoot for Super Elle magazine, here we tell you all the details about his participation in said medium.

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