J-Hope Seeks Revenge Against Jin In In The SOOP Trailer

It seems that J-Hope will not be able to overcome that Kim Seok Jin forgot him at the gas station. Will the BTS rapper take revenge for his colleague’s action? Check out the preview of the series ‘In The SOOP’.

Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, Suga, J-Hope, V and RM have always had experiences together, from a very young age they began to live in the same place and spent all day learning various techniques of singing, dancing, acting and rap.

In the series ‘In The SOOP’, fans of the K-pop band can witness the group dynamics of idols, from a more real and sincere perspective, so ARMY can learn more about all facets of their 7 Favorite idols of the company Big Hit Entertainment.

‘In The SOOP’ has given fans epic moments, such as seeing V composing a song, Jungkook training his best boxing punches, Suga producing a track, RM supervising his teammates’ work, Jimin resting, Jin taking care of his classmates and J-Hope helping with the housework.

This third episode of the idol show, showed a moment that will last forever, as Min Yoongi appeared helping to cut vegetables for food and while slicing the onion I can’t help but tear a few tears and cry, but very bravely he continued with him work. Poor Suga. : C

‘In The SOOP’ is also an opportunity for idols to fix old problems and J-Hope did not hesitate to settle accounts with Jin, because during an episode of ‘Bon Voyage’, Kim Seok Jin forgot Hoseok at a gas station, which originated a meme among the fandom.

‘In The SOOP’ revealed the preview of the next chapter, where the BTS boys are seen running to get on several trucks, J-Hope tells his companions:

Should we leave Jin behind?

The oldest member of the Bangtan Boys could not get into the car and stayed on the road waiting for the trucks to stop, but that did not happen, at the last Jin said:

Yoongi! Hey

Will J-Hope finally get revenge for being forgotten at the gas station? The dancer was waiting for the ideal moment for Jin to experience the same thing as him during the episode of ‘Bon Voyage’.

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