J-Hope and Suga celebrate BTS ‘GRAMMY nomination

BTS became a trend on social media after it was announced that they were nominated for the 2021 Grammy Awards, news that filled the band’s fans with emotion. How did Suga and J-Hope react when they found out about everything? The idols sent emotional messages to ARMY.

BTS’s first GRAMMY nomination was a moment that idols waited for for a long time. Over the last few years and after the popularity of the boy band grew uncontrollably, the constant wish was born that one day the boys of Bangtan Sonyeondan would be considered by the Recording Academy as part of the nominees for this award.

On numerous occasions, the BTS members talked about how much it would mean to them to get a Grammy Award nomination and assured that they would not give up until they did.

After the list of nominees was announced, Jungkook, RM, V, and Jimin shared a couple of videos on their Twitter account where they revealed their reaction to hearing “BTS” on television. The idols couldn’t help but scream in excitement and also left an emotional message for their fans thanking them for all their support. But what were Suga, J-Hope and Jin doing at the time?


Through the Weverse platform, Suga wrote some words directed towards ARMY. The rapper confessed that he had missed the moment when the nominees were announced; Due to the exhaustion he felt brought about by the rehabilitation from his surgery, Yoongi fell asleep while waiting for the truth about the possible 7 nominations of BTS to be revealed.

However, hearing about this great news has given Suga all the strength and motivation he needed to move on and return to his activities alongside BTS. Aww!

Someone fell asleep while waiting due to being tired from the morning rehab, that’s me … I have a reason to work even harder in rehab. ARMY, thank you very much! Let’s enjoy this day.

J-Hope also made an adorable appearance on Twitter, where he shared a very short video where we can see him jumping with the joy that characterizes him. Hobi titled the clip as:

Leaving for the Grammys.

J-Hope also shared a couple of photos on Weverse where she mentioned that her tears couldn’t stop falling … and neither could ours, Hobi!

BigHit Entertainment issued a brief statement about the nomination of BTS, the boys left a message for ARMY where they once again thanked them for the opportunity they were given to make their dream possible and assured that they are very moved by this news.

Jin, Suga, RM, Jungkook, Jimin, J-Hope and V hope to win the award for Best Pop Duo / Group Performance, a category in which they are nominated and where they will compete with great artists such as Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, J Balvin, Bad Bunny and Justin Bieber.

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