ITZY talks about their upcoming mini album “Not Shy”

ITZY has shared their thoughts on their upcoming mini album Not Shy.

In an interview, the girls of ITZY shared their thoughts on the new concept for their upcoming mini album Not Shy.

They commented the following:

This is our third comeback after our debut. We are nervous, but also excited. ‘Not Shy’ has a different concept from our previous ‘IT’z’ albums, which expressed confidence in myself

We are very curious to know what people will think after hearing our new title song.

We are also eager to see how people react to this new side of us.

We really want to show you [our new music] asap

All five members came together and worked very hard to create the best performance possible. Maybe that’s why we think the final product turned out really great, which makes us proud

We want to become an ITZY that continues to grow, step by step. We look forward to showing you everything we have worked hard to prepare so far. We would be grateful if you kindly look at both ITZY and our new song.

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