“It’s from black to white to gray”

Fatima Sana Shaikh: I constantly doubt myself (Pic Credit: Instagram / fatimasanashaikh)

Fatima Sana Shaikh became popular even before the public knew her name. In 1997, she fell in love with viewers playing Kamal Hassan and Tabu’s daughter in “Chachi 420”. Years later, she would score her first blockbuster starring Aamir Khan in 2016 “Dangal”.

She has recently been seen in films such as “Ludo” and “Suraj Pe Mangal Bhari”, and is now preparing for her next film, the OTT anthology “Ajeeb Daastaans”. The actress says she constantly doubts herself, adding that she wants to improve herself.

“Every day you go through your own journey asking yourself questions. There are your own challenges and weaknesses. You have to master them and overcome them. You would go through them and you will have more challenges and insecurities. It’s a constant journey. Every day there is a new state of mind, ”Fatima told IANS.

She added, “Sometimes you feel confident and sometimes, no matter how successful you are, (you might be) the most uncertain person in the room despite your success. This is your state of mind at the time. I constantly doubt myself but I think it’s important for me because I want to grow. If I’m happy with who I am right now, I’ll stop growing. I want to be better.

“Ajeeb Daastaans” brings together four stories that analyze the complexity of human emotions, including jealousy, law, prejudice and toxicity, and their aftermath.

What was it like exploring topics like sex, gender, class, and patriarchy? “A subject can be anything as long as it is said correctly, in a nice and beautiful way. I think well-written stories, no matter what they are about, will interest you. Whether you choose to write about yourself *, gender, or socioeconomic status – the issues are in everything. It’s the way you write a story more than the subject, ”Fatima said.

It appears in the first story of the anthology, entitled “Majnu”. She plays Leepakshi, a young woman stuck in an unhappy marriage with the character of actor Jaideep Ahlawat. Still vying for love and attention, her life is turned upside down with the entry of a new young man into the house.

Did she find Leepakshi a complex character? “What (director) Shashank (Khaitan) tried to do is write a very layered character, and he’s so well written and so layered as an actor that it becomes easy to understand the character.” because the whole role is about her. Its background and its complexities. When you are human, you have these qualities, flaws and complexities within you, ”replied Fatima.

“It’s not black and white and that’s the beauty of these characters in �Majnu ‘- everyone has a nuance. It goes from black to white through gray, ”she added.

Fatima liked playing this character because she says he is so far away from her.

“I haven’t met a (character like) Leepakshi in my life. (I) I have not experienced anything that Leepakshi has experienced. I am not of this world. It’s so amazing because you are an actor and you love your job. Through your work, you see different worlds. For me, this is the most beautiful thing that I get to know, see and hear so many new things, ”she said.

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