It was their change with Penny and fans didn’t notice

CBS broadcasted one of the most successful sitcom series of all time, The Big Bang Theory, for twelve long seasons.

During the entire time that The Big Bang Theory was on the air, very observant fans kept analyzing every detail, finding errors in the plot and continuity that allowed them to develop theories.

Even though the sitcom The Big Bang Theory ended in May 2019, fans are still going through all the episodes and finding every single thing every time.

And is that among so many theories developed by fans of The Big Bang Theory, there is one that made it very popular, and it was about the supposed pregnancy of Kaley Cuoco, the interpreter of Penny.

As fans will recall, at one point in The Big Bang Theory, Penny went from being a waitress to becoming a bartender almost hidden behind a counter, and thus only the upper half of her body was visible.

This was a basis for fans of The Big Bang Theory to immediately begin speculating that Penny’s actress Kaley Cuoco was pregnant and that her promotion at work was not because of the plot history.

Therefore, regular viewers of The Big Bang Theory said that Penny was hiding behind the counter, due to Kaley Cuoco being pregnant at the time. This was one of the theories that was most shared among fans.

Turns out, the creators of The Big Bang Theory didn’t make this change to Penny because it was due to part of the story or because Cuoco was supposedly pregnant.

The real reason for Penny’s job change from waitress to being behind a counter at The Big Bang Theory, was because during that time those episodes were filmed, actress Kaley Cuoco suffered an accident while practicing her favorite sport, horse riding.

The actress of The Big Bang Theory, fell from a horse causing multiple fractures in her leg, which prevented her from being present during the filming of some episodes of season 4, and then, when she returned to work, she hid the injury behind the counter.

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