“It was so sick”

Singer Zara Larsson talks about her favorite makeup (Photo credit: Instagram / zaralarsson)

Singer Zara Larsson says one of her all-time favorite glam looks was the drag.

Zara has revealed that she adored the glamorous makeover given to her by LGBTQ + collective Sink The Pink in 2019, femalefirst.co.uk reports.

“One of my favorite makeup looks was when I was dragging. It was in London, in fact, it was so sick. How you can transform your look like that with makeup, ”Zara Larrson told makeup artist Abby Roberts in an interview.

Zara recently opened up about her stage outfits and how she likes to be ‘extra’ with all the sparkles.

“Fashion and music go hand in hand and wearing my stage clothes is so much fun, I want to wear clothes that I wouldn’t want on a normal day. I love a show, I want glitter, I want light, I want shoulder pads – I want to be extra, ”Zara said.

As for the makeup, she admitted that she preferred to let the artist do her thing.

She said, “I don’t always know what to do with makeup. I’m going to sit in the chair, and a makeup artist will ask my opinion, and I’ll say, “Do something right.” “

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