“It was scary because the whole family was waiting …”

Akriti Kakar: “I learned to follow the time, to reinvent myself” (Photo credit: Instagram / Akriti Kakar)

Singer Akriti Kakar, known for her tracks such as “Aanan faanan”, “Khuda-ya khair”, “Iski uski” and “Saturday Saturday”, says her biggest learning in the music industry has been following the evolution of times. .

“I am also attached and detached from my work, but when I work I am completely immersed in it. I don’t change my behavior depending on whether the job is good or not, ”she told IANS.

The singer, who moved to Mumbai from Delhi to pursue a career in singing, adds: “I have also learned to keep up with time and reinvent myself, constantly learning and unlearning to keep up with the constant evolution that has been. is happening in the music industry. “

For someone who calls “music an essential part of her life,” Akriti says she is fortunate to have a family that has kept her grounded even after being recognized.

“I know where the line between ambitious and over-ambitious is. Also, I was very lucky that after the first 11 months of trying to find a foothold in Mumbai city my mom and sister moved here. It was scary because the whole family was waiting for me to make it big. It wouldn’t be possible without their support. I think they kept their feet on the ground and continued to watch reality, ”says the singer, who is currently considered a judge on“ Sa Re Ga Ma Pa ”Bangla and“ Indian Pro Music League ”musical reality shows. “.

Remembering how quickly success set in, she says, “There was a time when four or more movie songs came out in a month. It could still go to your head and make you pompous. But my family never let that happen. They kept telling me that music is part of my life but it’s not my whole life, that music is the most beautiful part of my life but that life itself has to be beautiful. If I have chosen to be a part of a delicate industry, every day will not be the same. It’s like a job but you won’t get a salary in your account every month. So you have to be there constantly, doing “riaz” every day. You cannot miss it even if you travel, you cannot let yourself be swayed even if success comes your way or demoralize you if you have no work for a few days and weeks. They have been my backbone and my backbone.

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