It was discovered that baby owls lie face down because their heads are heavy

A journalist, Mark Rees, revealed a truth that has not been paid attention to so far with the baby owls in a post on Twitter. Rees said that the head of baby owls is too heavy for their bodies, so they lie face down. Sitting on Twitter’s agenda, this post was also supported by different photos shared.

Owls, which are among the most interesting members of the animal kingdom and have more than 220 species, are extremely remarkable and spooky with their ability to turn their heads 270 degrees and their hunting skills provided by their sharp eyes. But have you ever heard that owls, who are sometimes scary and sometimes too cute, lie face to face?

Just like humans, other creatures have a heavy and big head compared to their bodies when they first come to the world. There is a similar situation in owls. The head of baby owls is so heavy compared to their bodies that they have to lie down because they cannot carry their heads while sleeping. Also, this habit that started in infancy is permanent when it lasts for a long time.

A baby owl sleeping prone because it is heavy

Mark Rees, a journalist, brought this interesting information about owls to the agenda of the social media with a photo he shared on Twitter. While the shared image seems to be a viral content originally produced with photoshop, Rees actually brought out a little unknown truth about baby owls. After this sharing of Rees, different Twitter users started to share similar images.

Another photo of a baby owl sleeping face down

While Twitter users were discussing whether owls really slept due to their head weights, a science-focused website called IFLScience supported Rees’ comments. In addition, another Twitter user said that he was interested in owls during his doctorate studies, and said that owls’ heads were really heavy, so they slept face down.

This interesting ‘discovery’ about owls was also featured in an article by the National Audubon Society, an independent and non-profit environmental organization. Experts said in the article that this was true and that owls slept prone due to the weight of their heads.

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