It turns out that the zombie tiger from “Army of the Dead” belongs to Carole Baskin

Only in a movie as crazy as that Army of the Dead would they have one Tiger King Crossover.

Zack Snyder has a good year 2021. His new edition of Justice League did well for HBO Max, and now everyone is talking about his new zombie movie headed for Netflix. The reason for this is that the trailer is a lot of fun, especially at the end when we see a zombie tiger working with the army of zombies ready to take down our heroes.

But what if I told you that there is an even wilder story behind this tiger?

First we learned that the name of the tiger is Valentine. During a panel for Justice Con, producer Deborah Snyder said that when the visual effects team needed to make Valentine, they were looking for visual references. They went to a shelter and modeled Valentine after one of the cats there … who they learned belonged to the Tiger King’s arch enemy Carole Baskin.

In fact, they spent a week in Baskin’s sanctuary creating the Valentine appearance. All of this work was done previously Tiger King debuted on Netflix. So nobody really knew that there would be this funny connection later.

Snyder joked, “At least they got out of there alive.”

Are you excited for Army of the Dead? Let us know in the comments.

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