“It takes some of the blame

Shia LaBeouf’s apology reminds FKA Twigs of the gaslighting she faced (Photo credit – Getty images / Shia LaBeouf and FKA Twigs)

Singer FKA Twigs, who previously filed a lawsuit against ex-boyfriend Shia LaBeouf for sexual drumming, assault and inflicting emotional distress, says his apology only brings back bad memories.

“It (the apologies) reminds me of some of the gas lighting I experienced when I was with him. It takes some of the blame, but not all of it, and then denies it, ”FKA Twigs said in an interview, according to Page Six.

“I’ve always been told that, you know, I was special and took care of my heart and the light inside my chest and when I was with Shia that light was turned off. And I just didn’t think it could happen, ”added FKA Twigs.

Although Shia LaBeouf denied all the allegations, he apologized for his bad behavior. The twigs, however, are not affected.

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