Is V the most famous of BTS?

BTS’s V, who is known as “K-Pop Visual Representative”, “Fashionista King”, “Ultimate Stan Attractor Of K-Pop Industry”, keeps proving his title once again.

Not only this, but it also caught the attention of verified accounts and magazines with great popularity.

One of the entertainment bloggers with more than 10 million followers posted an update on Weibo about Taehyung talking about his airport fashion, which he described as simple and comfortable.

A very popular fashion network with over 8.5 million followers, updated a post with Taehyung, better known as BTS’s V, placing him on the list of male stars with red hairstyles.

BTS’s V breaks records in China and the world?

Taehyung also dominated China’s online video platform as Bilibili Taehyung’s channel, where he garnered 1.72 billion views and the highest rank among BTS members.

On Douyin, Taehyung surpassed 2.1 billion views, which is the highest among BTS members; situation for which it has been speculated that V could be the most famous.

Our “Fashionista King” continues to inspire people with his fashion sense and everything Taehyung wears sold out in minutes at online stores.

Various fashion and beauty magazines in China have posted about V’s unique style on their official Weibo accounts.

Ray Li Magazine, one of the 10 most influential fashion and beauty magazines in China; Phoenix Network FASHION, MAGIA Magazine, ELLE MEN Youth, Vogue China, Marie Claire China, and various other magazines and some popular fashion bloggers recognized and appreciated BTS’s V’s unique fashion style, masculine facial features, and attractive hairstyle.

V is the most popular BTS member in China with the most popular hashtags on Weibo. He is the only BTS member who is in the top 5 of Super Topic’s Japanese and Korean star ranks.

China appears to be turning into another “Teteland” as V’s popularity continues to rise globally, dominating not just Weibo but all social media platforms.

As we have informed you in Somagnews, BTS’s V has won the tweet with the most likes of any Asian artist, on Instagram with the most liked photo of a Korean male artist, Tiktok with 2 hashtags out of 13 billion views and even Twipple Japan as the top-ranked Korean celebrity.

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