Is Tom Cruise furious and igniting again after testing positive 14 crew members?

Tom Cruise is furious after 14 crew members tested positive on Mission Impossible 7 sets (Photo credit – Facebook)

It seems like the trouble on sets in Mission Impossible 7 is endless, and it has become an impossible task to finish filming the same, at least during the pandemic. One after another, obstacles force the lead actor of Tom Cruise to stop filming. Well, the latest buzz is that the film faced one more hurdle leading up to filming being stopped, and it has something to do with the actor’s isolation.

Yes! You heard that right. Tom went into self-isolation after learning that several crew members tested positive for the coronavirus. Read on for more details.

According to information published in The Sun, we learn that the shooting of Mission Impossible 7 has once again been suspended. This time, the film was put on hold for ten days to curb further spread after 14 members of the team tested positive for the virus. An official statement on the matter was released yesterday by Paramount Pictures.

Filming in the UK has been halted and the entire crew of 60 are in isolation here after mass testing. It’s the latest in a string of delays for Tom Cruise star Mission Impossible 7, which is set to be released next May.

Sources close to the film revealed that while filming a nightclub scene for the film, the four dancers who later tested positive were “a few yards” from Tom. Ten crew members have also tested positive since then, and the actor is understood to have had to self-isolate since Tuesday.

The source added: “Tom Cruise is absolutely pissed off with what happened, especially given his rant to his staff last year. It will seriously affect the shoot and they will catch up when they finally get back. Fourteen Crew members have Covid – most of them are close associates of Tom. The entire film crew, around 60 people, all had to self-isolate for 14 days. “

Filming has taken place at Longcross Studios in Chertsey, Surrey for the past few months. We hope there will be no more delay after that in the filming of Mission Impossible 7.

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