“Is the world ready for a black Captain America?” 1000% “

While Anthony Mackie is probably on the verge of becoming Captain America, Sharon Carter Fane believes the world is 1000% ready (Photo credit: Instagram / emilyvancamp, IMDb)

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, with its four episodes that hit Disney Plus, managed to catch the frenzy of fans. Not to mention that Wyatt Russell’s Captain America makes big mistakes, the future of him who retains the mantle looks darker from here. This means Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson is soon ready to take office. And a cast member now feels the world is 1000% ready for a black cap, and we agree girl!

It’s no surprise that Anthony Mackie AKA Sam Wilson AKA Falcon is picking up the baton from Captain America. Besides Chris Evans, Steve Rogers supported his choice at the end of Avengers: Endgame. Emily VanCamp aka Sharon Carter finally opens up about getting a black cap and here’s all she has to say about the same.

Wyatt Russell’s Captain America, aside from losing his good friend during the show, made the biggest mistake. He murdered a member of the Flash Smashers in the public eye with the shield and many have recorded the incident. In this case, you don’t have to be a genius to calculate your fate with the mantle.

Emily VanCamp has now decided to open up that Anthony Mackie is approaching the moment he becomes Cape Town. Speaking to Comicbook, she said, “I can’t disclose anything, but do I think the world is ready for a black Captain America? 1000%, I’m ready for it. But when it comes to our leadership within Falcon and Winter Soldier, I’m not free to discuss anything.

Emily VanCamp said, “But I will say that the overall theme and the arc of this show is a really beautiful and powerful message, and I’m glad people keep watching. And I think they already see it on many levels with each character, so I think Marvel has done a great job with this series, certainly, in terms of tackling some very important themes and also from an individual perspective of each. character.

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