Is Quentin Tarantino Really Retiring?

Will the director really say goodbye after film number 10?

Screenwriter / director Quentin Tarantino has said for years that after making a tenth feature film, he gives up directing. We have since speculated about what this movie might be, or whether it is really serious.

Well, based on Tarantino’s latest appearance on the Pure Cinema podcast, he seems to be sticking to his guns.

The latest episode of the podcast is an astonishing three hours all about directors and theirs last films. The team reviews the work of several iconic directors including Tony Scott and Unstoppablewhich is also one of our favorites.

“It’s one of the many topics I think about around the clock,” says Tarantino early on.

But Tarantino also points out that most film directors don’t end up in full swing and, unfortunately, their careers end up declining. Sometimes our favorite classics end up taking any job they can get when their stars fade a little.

When asked how he sees such a list, Tarantino was very pragmatic in choosing his directors.

“I think it’s pretty easy because most directors have terrible final films,” Tarantino says on the podcast. “Usually their worst films are their last films. That’s the case with most of the Golden Age directors who made their last films in the late 60s and 70s, and then it was the case with most New Hollywood directors who made their last films in the late 80s and 90s . ”

He says most of these directors ended up on a “bad” grade, and it’s less common to end on a really good movie.

The discussion made Tarantino reflect on his own career. How can he end on a solid project when so many great directors have failed?

“I think maybe I shouldn’t do another film,” he says with a laugh. “I could be really, really happy if I drop the microphone.” Once upon a time in Hollywood. ”

“Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”Recognition: Sony pictures

He goes on a little later, “That’s the frustrating part, a lot of the really great directors, it’s like their third from last movie was an amazing, amazing movie based on what I said about myself. Or you know, if Don Siegel had stopped doing it Escape from Alcatrazoh my goddamn god What a career. ”

It seems like Tarantino is really into this topic and is doing his best to finish a strong project that keeps his legacy as a director alive. This is tremendous pressure to put on a filmmaker to embark on a project that will essentially culminate his or her career.

So what if Tarantino makes film number 10 and it’s a flop? Will he bend the rules for himself to do something better?

Probably not. He said he wanted to focus on family and other projects. Just check out this interview with Peter Travers.

Do you think Tarantino can make the perfect final film before it goes away forever? Let us know in the comments.

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