Is Jennifer Aniston considering becoming a mother? Here’s everything you need to know about it

Jennifer Aniston is she ready to welcome motherhood? Deets Inside (Photo credit – Image Getty)

Jennifer Aniston continues to catch eyeballs for her personal life very often. Her love life has always interested her fans ever since she got hooked on Brad Pitt. But after their divorce, fans are only hoping they will one day reunite. But, today, the actress breaks the internet with the news of having a child.

Well, before we draw any conclusion, let us tell you that Jennifer doesn’t literally have a baby but is considering adopting one. Isn’t that sweet?

We all know Jennifer Aniston has been keeping busy these days as she shoots for the highly anticipated FRIENDS: The Reunion. The bond these actors share is lovely, and we’re convinced there must be a lot of talking behind the camera. Well, according to TMZ reports, Aniston has opened up about his adoption idea with his “ FRIENDS. ”

The portal suggested that Jennifer Aniston made the big reveal to her FRIENDS that she is adopting a baby. However, Jen’s rep immediately shut down the rumors, who told TMZ the baby rumors were “false and never happened.”

Anyway, whatever the truth, maybe we love the way these guys share everything about their personal lives, like they would in the popular sitcom.

Meanwhile, with a few images leaked, the official Friends Instagram page shared a teasing snap of the sets from Friends: The Reunion, revealing the cast had finished filming. “It’s an envelope! Could we be more excited !? Friends: Reunion is coming to @hbomax. #friendsreunion, ”the caption said enthusiastically.

For the reverse, Friends: The Reunion was shot on the original Stage 24 soundstage (where Friends was filmed with a studio audience with the iconic fountain also making an appearance), which is located at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank. , California. , over a period of 3 days. When Friends: The Reunion premieres, it has yet to be revealed.

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