Is it worth buying a gaming monitor for the PS4?

Playing with a game console is a trend these days to show off your skills at certain gaming events online and offline. But to do well here, you need to have a high quality full monitor. Gaming monitors are specifically designed to run the best they can to provide a better user experience for gamers through use with other factors such as GPU, CPU, and much more. What you need to run a PS4 game on a gaming monitor requires simple things to maintain. To know the facts that are badly needed for gaming monitors are discussed here.

We’ll also show you whether the gaming monitor for the PS4 is worth it or not, whether it’s worth it, how you can manage the gaming setup to get the maximum performance.

Requirements for ps4?

To run a PS4 game and display, you need a monitor that must support HDMI. The basic requirements for operating the PS4 are only HDMI connections. If you have a monitor that is not suitable for HDMI, you can use inverters for operation. Otherwise it is not effective at all. But all current gaming monitors are equipped with these HDMI connections. So you don’t have to worry about a gaming monitor, whether it’s worth it for a PS4 or not. You should pay attention to the quality, aspect ratio, size, refresh rate (Hz), viewing angle, etc. of the monitor for the best experience.

What about gaming monitors?

The gaming monitors can be suitable for your PS4 if it has delicate HDMI ports. For this reason, when you want to connect the monitor to your PS4, the connection should be made with the HDMI cable. By the way, if your monitor has HDMI connections, you don’t have to worry about the connection and you can play on the monitors without any problems.

Is it worth buying a gaming monitor for the PS4?

The real expectation of a gaming monitor that must match the PS4, regardless of whether it keeps graphics, user experience and other factors. Some functions may need to be used more efficiently when playing in front of the monitor. Now let’s take a look at what the specifications need to be considered when playing with a gaming monitor.

Physical design

Most gaming monitors have good build quality and the external physical quality is very useful. But if the quality specs are good enough, using it for the PS4 would be a beneficial aspect for gamers. The longevity and other factors are included in its physical design. By the way, the monitor for PS4 should be wide enough to allow easy gameplay.

Eye protection function

The desired gaming monitor should also be equipped with eye protection functions. In most cases, gamers pass the time in front of monitors. So if the monitors do not have eye protection functions, it can affect your eye vision. So, to choose the gaming monitor for your PS4, be sure to check out these eye protection features.

Screen size

When playing a game on a monitor, if the screen size fits with a better viewing angle and a large area, the gaming experience will also be enriched and the maximum benefit will be derived from it. The size of a gaming monitor should start at 25 inches, but you should choose the size based on the resolution.

HDMI slot

The most important factor in a gaming monitor is an HDMI slot for running a PS4 game. If it doesn’t, consider buying an HDMI converter. This will help you maintain your PS4 games and suits with the gaming monitor.

High resolution

High resolution gaming monitors give you a great advantage in gameplay and other tasks. The resolution should keep the screen size of the monitors you selected. If you choose 1920X1080 it should be 25 inches. If it offers 1440p, then you can go for 27-inch monitors. But if you come to the high-end specs as 4k resolutions, then the suitable screen size would be more than 27 inches.

High dynamic range

No matter which monitor you choose, it should have a high dynamic range. Dynamic range refers to the quality of the display between the darkest and lightest part of the screen, also known as luminosity. If your monitors come with a smart HDR option, this is great for gaming as you will experience high quality graphics from the PS4. Most of the PS4 game consoles will give you the best experience with high graphics and smooth operation. So if the monitors you choose give you the high dynamic range, it is beneficial for smooth gameplay on your PS4.

HDMI bandwidth

HDMI bandwidth is the case with various game consoles. Different versions of the HDMI bandwidth offer different aspects of the gaming experience. However, since you are playing on PS4, the high speed HDMI of 18 Gbps is mainly suitable for gaming as 4k resolution. Make your decision now and participate in high-bandwidth HDMI options.

Is a PS4 better on a gaming monitor?

Yes, you can use a gaming monitor to run the PS4. A gaming monitor is better than a normal resolution TV. So you can choose a gaming monitor even though you don’t need more than 60 Hz. The PS4 game console supports 60 fps as if you have a monitor with such a resolution and refresh rate, then you can use a gaming monitor for PS4.

Does a gaming monitor make any difference between regular monitors?

A gaming monitor and a normal monitor can be distinguished by their specifications such as higher refresh rate, response time, intelligent HDR, etc. What you get from a gaming monitor is not the same as a regular monitor. The gaming monitors are specially built for gaming purpose in any responsive and regulated way so that you can have a more fluid and higher user experience. So a gaming monitor is obviously worth it for a PS4.


Using a gaming monitor for PS4 is very familiar. If you have a gaming monitor and you have an HDMI port to connect them together, then there is no barrier to the PS4 running. But some factors may differ from the actual gaming experience, such as refresh rate, screen resolution, etc. If everything goes in your favor, you can use a gaming monitor for the PS4.

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