Is Beirut the epicenter of the third world war?

Lebanese President Michel Aoun confirmed that the investigation of the explosion in Beirut could have been not only negligence but also a missile. Would it mean a third world war?

Today’s news, August 7, has focused on the statements of the President of Lebanon, Michel Aoun, who announced that the investigation into the monumental explosion that occurred in the port city of Beirut, is being investigated for negligence but also by possible missile impact.

Likewise, Michel Aoun rejected the widespread calls for an international investigation, despite Lebanese citizens, defense groups and foreign heads of state had requested that it be carried out so that the issue of the explosion guarantees impartiality.

Beirut explosion was possibly a bomb

Last Tuesday, August 4, became a nightmare for Lebanon, since in Beirut, an impressive explosion was able to create a huge mushroom-shaped dust cloud, which so far left more than 150 people dead and at least 5,000 wounded.

Now, the Lebanese president said the cause may have been negligence or foreign interference through a missile or a bomb, but emphasized that an international investigation will not be conducted as this could obscure the truth.

In an express question from a journalist to the President, Michel Aoun, about the reason why it would not take place, he said: “the objective behind the calls for an international investigation into the port problem is to dilute the truth.”

With these interviews and the statements of Michel Aoun, the first recognition is given by a Lebanese official about the possibility that Tuesday’s devastating explosion could have been caused by an attack.

Authorities initially said a fire in the port had ignited tons of ammonium nitrate stored for years in a warehouse.

Moments after giving his interview to the local media, Michel Aoun wrote on his Twitter account what his position is in more detail.

The president called for “speedy justice,” and promised that the government’s investigation will spare neither high-level officials nor regular employees, and confirmed that 20 suspects were already being questioned.

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