Is Alyson Hannigan really close with Jason Segel?

Was Alyson Hannigan really close to Jason Segel when they were playing together in the How I Met Your Mother series? Here is his candid answer to the question.

You may not know it but Alyson Hannigan was disgusted by his kisses with Jason Segel on the set of How I Met Your Mother. The reason ? The actor chained the packs of cigarettes to the chagrin of his playing partner who suffered from his not always very fresh breath. Involved in their roles, the two actors, however, never let this small inconvenience shine on the screen. The viewers also loved to see them play Lily and Marshall, one of the essential couples of the series. But was the atmosphere between the two colleagues really good on the film sets? The actress answered the question honestly.

Interviewed by High On Films in 2016, Alyson Hannigan opened up about her relationship with Jason Segel and praised him: “It’s important to be friends with your co-star. Obviously, when you’re an actor you have to play your part even if you don’t, but it’s really nice to play with someone you like. and jason and i work really well together and we really love That. It helps us to make things a lot easier, and I’m very grateful for that. ” A lovely friendship that still lasts today. Elsewhere in the news, know that a member of Alyson Hannigan’s family has been fired from How I Met Your Mother.

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