iPhones and iPads start showing ads with Apple services

Apple does not hide that a major focus of the company in recent years has been the launch of services aimed at users of devices in its ecosystem. With Apple Arcade, TV Plus, News Plus and more recently its physical activity service at a distance, the company keeps its customer consuming its products monthly, which helps and a lot in revenues.

No wonder, since last year we see that the services area plays an increasingly important role in the company’s tax area.

Since not everyone may be aware that some of these products offer tastings before hiring, the company thought it would be a good idea to start showing ads on iPhones and iPads.

But calm down: they are not as aggressive as Xiaomi, Samsung and some others usually do when they launch new products and want to let customers know about these news. They are even personalized client by client, showing in the device settings the services whose tastings are available.

For example, on a newly activated iPhone, the user should see that they can take advantage of a free Apple TV one year offer. In the United States, users will also be able to see how many days are left before they can activate AppleCare Plus, a convenience service and extended warranty that can only be purchased within a few months after purchasing the phone.

This news from Apple, of course, will divide opinions. Chinese manufacturers have always been criticized for the practice, but it is a fact that Apple adopts its own style to bring advertising to its ecosystem, such as showing only offers linked to itself, which keeps a strong privacy philosophy and that “everything is at home”.

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