iPhone 12: Apple A14’s performance higher in benchmarks

The first benchmark tests of the iPad Air 4, the first iDevice to hit the market with Apple’s new A14 processor, have just emerged on the web.

As promised by Apple, the new tablet delivers 40% better performance than the iPad Air 3, which may give us some clues about how the iPhone 12 will perform.

The benchmark results were shared by the Ice Universe leakers on Twitter, showing a score of 1583 for the single-core and 4198 for the multi-core on GeekBench.

In fact, the performance of the new iPad Air is 42% and 48% higher than that of the iPad Air launched last year, which shows that Apple reported a slightly lower performance gain – which is understandable, seeing that benchmarks can show results fickle.

When compared to the iPhone 11 numbers, we have 19% and 27% higher results respectively, which reinforces that the new series of iPhones will perform at least 20% higher than the current one.

The iPhone 12 and its variants are due to be presented in October (possibly on the 13th) by the apple, and hopefully, even more leaks should reinforce the superiority of the upcoming models. Meanwhile, remember that the first rumors about the iPhone 13 have already started to emerge.

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