iOS 14’s Privacy Feature Reveals TikTok Reading Texts Copied to Clipboard

TikTok, a short video sharing platform owned by China-based technology giant ByteDance, will no longer be able to automatically access text on users’ boards due to the privacy features of Apple’s new mobile operating system, iOS 14.

Apple is offering a lot of privacy improvements to iOS 14 in its new mobile operating system, which it recently introduced in WWDC 2020, to give users more control over what data their apps on their iPhone can access. One of these features allows the user to be notified when any application wants to access text copied to the clipboard.

The developers, who started to download and use the iOS 14 beta version, saw that the popular video sharing platform TikTok is one of the applications that read the texts that users copied to the clipboard. As you can see from the video below, Apple’s new privacy warning continues to appear on the screen while the TikTok app is open.

This incident not only disturbed beta users, but also caused general concern about whether TikTok copied personal data without permission. TikTok, who made a statement to The Daily Telegraph newspaper published in the UK, said the application did not collect data from the clipboard.

Stating that TikTok has a special system to identify repeated spam behavior, the company claimed that this feature was triggered by the new privacy feature in iOS 14. Stating that they have presented the new version of the application to the approval of the App Store in order to eliminate confusion, TikTok stated that they will continue to protect the privacy of users and be transparent about how the application works.

According to the report of Telegraph, there are other applications such as AccuWeather, Overstock, AliExpress, Call of Duty Mobile, Patreon and Google News that constantly follow the iOS dashboard. We don’t know why apps are collecting data from users’ dashboards, but this emerging with iOS 14 should be a good answer to why Apple offers more privacy tools.

Video showing that TikTok has accessed text copied by users to the clipboard

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