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Almost everyone in America knows the name of Breonna Taylor, the 26-year-old African-American woman who was killed in Louisville last year in a botched police raid. But they may not know much about the circumstances surrounding her death, other than the fact that she was shot by police officers serving an arrest warrant at her home early on March 13, 2020.

The FX documentary The murder of Breonna Taylor, part of The New York Times presents series, investigates the succession of events that resulted in the death of a young woman on the floor of her own apartment.

“What we tried to do is show how and why this tragedy happened as much as we could,” director-producer Yoruba Richen explained on Contenders Television: Documentary + Virtual Panel unscripted. “There were so many problems – obviously there were obviously, because look what happened.

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With the help of New York Times Investigative reporters who worked on their sources, the filmmakers uncovered details that raised questions about whether there was a valid basis for obtaining the search warrant in the first place.

“The reason they would have gone to her house is because they suspected drugs or money [were present] because of her association with an ex-boyfriend, ”Richen said. “[But] it was never found. … Their supposed reason for doing what they did – they never had proof of it.

Police said they announced themselves before hitting the door with a ram. But Kenneth Walker, Taylor’s boyfriend who was home with her in bed when officers broke in, said he did not hear them identify themselves as police officers. He picked up a gun, thinking criminals had broken in.

“We had all these neighbors who said they never heard them announce themselves. We had a neighbor who said yes, ”Richen noted. “But the point is, even though they announced themselves, it wasn’t loud enough because the neighbors never heard them, Kenny [fired] a hit… because he didn’t hear them. So there were real problems with the way the warrant was executed. It was not performed by an experienced SWAT team.

The filmmakers established a relationship with Walker’s and Taylor’s mother, Tamika Palmer, and were able to interview them both for the documentary.

“One of the challenges throughout was navigating the feeling of trauma… it wasn’t until a few months after Breonna’s murder. So it was really cool and we wanted to be respectful of that, but at the same time, we knew these interviews were critical, ”said producer Lora Moftah. “The trauma was compounded by the story that took shape immediately after the murder. There were reports referring to someone who had been shot in connection with a drug case and anyone who knew Breonna was completely appalled. So there was this feeling that the story was taking shape in a way that made no sense.

Check back on Monday for the panel video.

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