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Oscar-winning director Pete Docter shared that the idea behind Soul, his latest animated film from Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar, was born out of his own personal reflection.

“I was at a point in my life where I started to ask myself: OK, I’ve always been taught – everyone I think I am – to follow your passion, to do this. that you love and it will lead to the ultimate joy and satisfaction, ”he said during the film’s presentation at Deadline’s Contenders Film Awards Season Virtual Event. “There is nothing wrong with following your passion – I think it leads to great joy. But for me, it didn’t lead to this feeling that everything is included in my life.

“The film is an investigation of what really happens in life and how we are supposed to live,” adds Docter.

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In Soul, Jamie Foxx voices the main character Joe Gardner, an aspiring jazz musician who gets the break of his life, but through a twist of cosmic forces finds himself transported out of his body and to the place where souls are created. With the help of a new soul there, he must find his way back to his body on Earth, and the two learn a lot more about life on Earth.

Choosing to make Joe a jazz musician served a bigger purpose in the film’s existential themes, says co-director and co-writer Kemp Powers. “For Joe’s dream to ultimately be just to play with this group at a club that obviously has around 150 people, it’s a rooted goal that doesn’t seem selfish,” he says.

He continues: “In a broader sense, it was the perfect metaphor for the central theme of the film. It’s this idea that life is all about improvising and having to take all the unexpected things that are thrown at you and turn them into something of value, turn them into something beautiful … there is no gender. music that is a more perfect metaphor for the themes of the film we were trying to tell than jazz.

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