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Earth represents actress Robin Wright’s directorial debut and could be about to rock the awards scene. Ahead of the Sundance Film Festival world premiere in about a week and releasing next month just in time for Oscar consideration, this new film that pits a woman against the elements as she flees the upheavals in her own life when the tragedy strikes.

As part of Focus Features’ presentation at Deadline’s Contenders Film awards season event, Wright, who also stars, and his co-star, Oscar-nominated actor Demián Bichir, performed Joined in a discussion of this ambitious and amazing independent film that others love in this global pandemic suddenly reflect the issues and feelings we all face in one way or another.

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Wright, who says she had to throw herself out of necessity (or hit a financial wall) as a woman who is reeling from a family tragedy and seeks to escape to a log cabin dilapidated lonely in nature on top of a mountain, takes the reins behind the camera after previously directing multiple episodes of her Netflix series Card castle. As for why she chose this screenplay, a finalist in the AMPAS Nicholl Fellowship Screenwriting Competition, it just spoke to her because of the time.

“It resonated with me,” she says, especially after reading it at a time when so many random mass shootings were unfolding in America. “How much loss people have gone through, heartache and pain and how they coped with it.” She adds that the outbreak of so many shootings made us immune, made worse by the ugliness and hatred that has prevailed over the past four years of the Trump administration and the past 11 months of the pandemic.

“Basically, it’s about friendship and human kindness,” she says. “The last four years have provided so much ugliness. The world needed to see the beauty of the humans that we are.

Bichir says he is drawn to the film because with his character, “everything comes from his soul”. This could also be said about this movie, all shot in Alberta, Canada, pitting filmmakers against nature in a way that ultimately gives us hope for humanity.

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