Interesting earphone inspired by egg design

Now, egg-shaped headset is being added to wireless headset concepts. This earphone, called Sevy, which comes across with an interesting source of inspiration, draws attention with the egg-like shape of the charging chamber.

Egg designed earphones look different

These headphones, which are reminiscent of the egg that got the most likes on Instagram, are designed in in-ear form. This headset, which has silicone tips to suit the ergonomics of the ear, also has a puppy-mouth color.ımlı-kulaklık-01

Designed as a wireless headset concept, this pair of headphones becomes remarkable with its aesthetic design and touch control.

Apart from other in-ear form headphones, it does not have an outward facing part when worn in the ear. Thus, there is no non-aesthetic appearance. Designer Sathiswaran Pon, who doesn’t want to know if the person is wearing headphones, says he favors simplicity.

yumurta tasarımlı kulaklık

It is possible to say that this headset, which is positioned as minimal and modern, has sustainable packaging made of recyclable paper materials. There has not been a share about other details yet, but if it is available, this headset, which will attract attention in terms of design, may be an option for those looking for an alternative.

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