Instagram will allow creators to earn money on social media

Content creators will have new ways to generate income with Instagram. This Wednesday 927), the social network is launching two tools to monetize videos, which will initially be available in the United States.

One of the novelties is the display of ads on the IGTV video platform, an attempt to attract people who normally use YouTube to make money through this type of advertising.

In tests with a small group of companies and creators, ads on IGTV will appear when people click to continue viewing a video from the main feed. Created for display on mobile devices, these advertisements can last up to 15 seconds.

Instagram said it will allow users to skip the ads if they want, offering a better browsing experience for everyone. Another detail revealed is that the company will allocate at least 55% of the revenue collected from the advertisements to influencers.


In addition to showing ads among their videos on Instagram, content creators will also be able to earn from badges, a tool that gives fans the ability to pay to have their comments appear prominently during lives.

Working as a kind of medal to highlight the users who made the payment, these badges will appear in the form of small hearts next to the name of the person who chose the resource. The goal is to put the comments in evidence, to get the influencer’s attention.

Badges cost $ 0.99 (one heart), $ 1.99 (two hearts) and $ 4.99 (three hearts). Each fan will be able to buy only one for each live broadcast and, in principle, the person responsible for the content will keep all the sales revenue – in the future, the social network will have a share in this income.

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