Instagram: Steps to follow to have a verified account

Know all the requirements for your verification to be accepted on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most important social networks at the moment, millions of people use it to keep their followers informed about what they do or simply to share photos of the places they visit, but not all of them comply with account verification.

Today this social network has been given so much importance that many people take the job of sharing their photos very seriously.

From creating an almost impeccable edition of those who post, to creating the best advertisements, and delighting his followers, he also has extreme dedication to his stories, adding different filters or music in them, however many people go beyond just sharing photographs, seek recognition, not only from their followers but also from the platform.

So you have sometimes wondered what the process is like to verify an account on Instagram that generates the popular blue icon.

Verification on Instagram consists of a series of steps, but before doing them you must meet certain requirements that are mandatory in order to verify an account.

Requirements to verify an account

If it is a personal account, it must represent a real person. You must attach the following documents:
Identity document with name and date of birth. It can be the identity card, passport or license.
If it is the account of a brand, it must represent a brand in operation You must attach the following documents:
Tax return, utility bill or company status.
Important: for your verification to be accepted, the importance and number of searches your account receives will be taken into account.

Steps to verify your account

Go to Instagram and click on your profile that appears in the lower right corner.
Select the option of the three lines that is in the upper left corner and click on Settings.
Click on Account and then where it says Request verification.
A question form will appear that you must fill out. This is known as an activity description.
Finally select the category you need and at the end you will receive a message that the application has been received.

The time to know if the application was approved or not varies and sending it does not mean that it is certain that it will be approved.

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