Instagram keeps copying TikTok features

This new Instagram feature looks a lot like TikTok’s FYP and it’s not Reels

While we are still reeling from the introduction of Instagram Reels, which caused a stir by copying the essence of TikTok, now the platform has left that issue behind with the launch of another new feature that sounds, how shall we say, vaguely familiar. ? Introducing: Suggested Posts.

The “new feature” is pretty much a never-ending expansion into your current Instagram feed, with a series of “suggested posts” from users you don’t follow that appear once you’ve finished scrolling through posts from those you do. .

Although in recent years Instagram has simply shown a message to users who have reached the end of their feed “You are up to date” while you scroll without thinking about your free time, now we will simply have the option of even more content, that at seeming has no end.

Suggested posts from Instagram copy to TikTok

The new feature is separate from the Instagram browse page, which shows users “adjacent content” or similar to what they interact with, according to Instagram Product Manager Julian Gutman. Instead, Instagram Suggested Posts are Grid Posts, excluding IGTV and Reels, related to the content they already see on your feed, and will include ads as well. This sounds, in theory, very similar to the browse page.

I think for us this really grew out of a vision from a couple of years ago where people really saw their feed as a place for their interests, and with the improvement in machine learning and our ability to make it easier to You see more of those posts that are on Instagram every day, and they really give you that personalized relevance, Julian said in a statement yesterday: So we just want to make it really easy for people to see that (relevant content) when they hit the end of your feed; that’s really the motivation here, make it easier for you to deepen your interest.

The reality is, despite being a new feature on Instagram, this all sounds very familiar, the equivalent of TikTok’s FYP. If you are immersed in the platform you will know that this happens to anyone who is already scrolling through the endless content on TikTok, and instead it is a big step away from the previous position of Instagram on the conscious and super curated use of the networks. social. Times are changing or at least Instagram is adapting or you, what do you think?

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