Inspirational message from Vineet Kumar Singh: “Anyone can save one

Inspirational post from Vineet Kumar Singh: “Anyone Can Save One – Try At Least Once” – Deets Inside (Photo credit: Instagram / vineet_ksofficial)

‘Mukkabaaz’ actor Vineet Kumar Singh, who is also an Ayurvedic doctor, has constantly tried to help people with a bed, oxygen, medicine through social media, during the current Covid crisis. He says this is how a powerful platform like social media should be used.

“I am so happy that over the past few months the demands for beds, oxygen and other things from the needy – especially the families of Covid-19 patients – are being shared as much as possible, and those needs are being met. . On social media, people post and there are good people supporting each other. Many of my friends and I do the same. This is how social media should be used during a crisis like a global pandemic, to get help and support, ”Vineet told IANS.

As a doctor who also suffered from Covid earlier, Vineet Kumar Singh also focused on mental health and how stress and anxiety could potentially affect the body and breathing and, therefore, the blood pressure and oxygen levels.

“As doctors, we are trained to deal with seizures first. Remember that if you are a young, middle-aged, without other medical complications like heart disease or diabetes, and if you have good immunity, your possibility of a rapid recovery from Covid would be higher with proper care. home. Staying strong, not panicking, eating high protein foods, doing breathing exercise, taking in steam, and consuming certain herbs are also mentioned in Ayurveda. These help in recovery. The more anxious and stressed our body, (the more it) affects our heart, our blood pressure and, naturally, our oxygen level. I know it is difficult to stay positive and strong in the midst of the crisis, but what else can we do? Vineet Kumar Singh shared.

Vineet says he has a chain of volunteers in different cities, including Mumbai, Pune and his hometown of Varanasi, in addition to many other towns in Uttar Pradesh, where he is constantly helping people.

“One of the problems is that the numbers available online don’t always work. Out of five phone numbers, maybe only one answers quickly. So we are trying to generate this source for the needy, so that we don’t have to rush into calling too many sources to find out, ”he said.

“Verifying information is another matter, and when you need an injection or oxygen, you only go by prescription. Always remember that if you have recovered from Covid-19 you are a warrior. Donate plasma and help someone in need. Anyone can save one – at least try once, ”concluded Vineet Kumar Singh.

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