Indian TV reporter Nidhi Razdan tricked into phishing scam – Deadline

Award-winning Indian television reporter Nidhi Razdan revealed on Friday that she was duped into thinking she had been hired by Harvard University.

Razdan was a news anchor at peak NDTV station for 21 years, but said in June she was leaving to take a job as an associate professor of journalism at Harvard.

But on Friday, she shared her story on Twitter, admitting the teaching job was a hoax intended to steal her personal information.

“I was the victim of a very serious phishing attack,” Razdan wrote in a statement on Twitter Friday. “Alarmed by the scale of this attack, I filed a complaint with the police and provided them with all the relevant documentary evidence. In fact, I didn’t get an offer from Harvard University. “

Razdan said work was due to start in September 2020, but it was then pushed back to January 2021, allegedly due to the coronavirus pandemic.

While Razdan said several “anomalies” arose during what she believed to be the hiring process, she believed it was simply an irregularity caused by the pandemic.

However, she recently contacted Harvard University and found out the truth.

Razdan claimed the hoax “uses clever forgery and misrepresentation” to gain personal data, as well as access to his email and social media accounts.

Razdan received the International Press Institute India award for his reporting on the Kathua rape and murder case. In 2017, she is also the author of the book Left, right and center: the idea of ​​India.

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