‘Indestructible’ Nickname Athlete Who Became Unrecognizable As a Result of Coronavirus

The “indestructible” athlete Ahmad Ayyid, known for lifting weights in the USA, has been in a coma for a long time after losing 27 kilograms after being caught in the coronavirus. Although the athlete managed to survive, the muscle mass he lost lost attention.

COVID-19 also had a hard time for Ahmad Ayyid, who won many competitions with his strong physique. Infected with the virus, Ayyid became “unrecognizable” in this process. The coronavirus, which is transmitted to more than 11 million people all over the world, can also have a hard time for people who are physically strong but have poor metabolism. Considered to be “indestructible” with both his strong physique and his success in weight lifting competitions in the USA, Ahmad Ayyad caught coronavirus in Washington and then lost a large part of his muscle mass.

The 40-year-old athlete, weighing 100 kilos, continued to do sports without realizing that he was at first coronavirus, and when his health deteriorated, he was taken to John Hopkins Hospital. The successful athlete, who had serious health problems due to the virus, was taken to the intensive care unit as soon as he came to the hospital, and he was in a coma for 25 days in total.

He lost 27 kilos

Ayyid, who suffered a serious weight loss as a result of his coma for 25 days, lost 27 kilos and returned from the brink of death according to the doctors’ statements. Saying that the coma process melts all the muscles in his body, the athlete said in his statement about the incident, “When I woke up after 25 days in a coma, I looked at my arms and legs. I saw all my muscles disappeared. I was almost mad, I started screaming where my legs disappeared. ”

Saying that he caught the virus and lost a lot, Ayyid stated that he had recovered but started to worry too much for other people. Experienced athlete, who said that he had difficulty breathing, explained that his lungs and heart had been damaged a lot and that breathing was almost a torture. Saying that he forgot to swallow even after leaving the coma, Ayyid also said that he took speech lessons in this process.

Saying that he saw what coronavirus disease was like by living, Ayyid said that at this point, everyone should be careful to wear a mask and not to go to public places. We also convey our wishes to Ayyid and all the people caught in the coronavirus.

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