In the USA, police killed a black again

The latest example of police violence against blacks in the US took place in Philadelphia on Monday.

Walter Wallace, 27, was shot and killed by the police. His family explained that Wallace had a nervous breakdown due to his psychological illness and that they called medical teams, but the police arrived at the scene and killed Wallace.

The police argued that Wallace had a knife in his hand and did not respond to police instructions.

On the other hand, after the footage of Wallace’s murder by the police appeared on social media, massive protests started in the city. It is unclear whether Wallace was carrying a knife in the footage, but heard the police ask “to put him down” and then shoot.

“The footage captured when Wallace was shot requires some tough questions to be answered,” said Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney.

The Pennsylvania National Guard was sent to Philadelphia while the protests for “Black life is precious” that started in the city after Wallace’s murder continued last night.

Police argued that the protests turned into acts of looting and violence, and announced that 30 police were injured by bricks and similar materials thrown by the demonstrators.

90 people were detained in the protests last night.

The protests for “Black life is precious” that started after the police murder of George Floyd in the USA in May spread throughout the country.

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