Impossible 7 ‘is shutting down due to a positive COVID test

Just imagine how much Tom Cruise is screaming right now.

Deadline is reporting The Mission: Impossible 7 has closed for 14 days due to a positive COVID test for a member of production.

“We temporarily stopped production on Mission: Impossible 7 until June 14, “a Paramount spokesman revealed in a statement.

It seems like Cruise only got so right yesterday Really crazy about covid logs on set. However, it wasn’t yesterday – it was December. It shows you that with the restrictions easing, no industry is immune from the effects of the virus.

Back when the cruise rant broke on set I wondered out loud on our podcast whether or not this type of leadership was really effective. On the other hand, perhaps this incident is evidence that Cruise was right, that he was so aggressive on this matter, as it can derail things so quickly.

However, we hope everyone will recover and that as few people as possible will be negatively affected.

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