IHeart Radio Podcast Awards nominate ‘office women’ for top honors

The iHeart Radio Podcast Awards 2021 nominated Ladies Office as the winner of the “Podcast of the Year”.

A woolly Will Ferrell, who has The Ron Burgundy podcast on the iHeart network, opened the show with a series of ill-informed statistics. The awards were broadcast simultaneously tonight on iHeart radio, YouTube and Facebook.

Office costars and best friends Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey are the hosts of Ladies Office, billed as the ultimate re-watch podcast for classic comedy. He won the fan vote, continuing the series of triumphs for the show, which returned to Netflix and returns via NBC’s Peacock streaming service.

the Ladies Office podcast, produced by Earwolf (a division of Stitcher, now part of SiriusXM) also won the award for Best Commercial Playback Podcast.

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Conan O’Brien won the award for Best General Host – Male, explaining to viewers that what separates his podcast from the rest is its “unprofessional nature.” Nicole Byer, host of “Why Won’t You Date Me,” accepted the general host – the Laverne Cox Women’s Award.

The Icon Audible Pioneer Award went to Peter McDonnell of Serial Productions, Questlove presented Baratunde Thurston with the Icon Social Impact Award, while podcast studio QCode won the Icon Innovator Award.

Dan Patrick presented the winner of the Next Great Podcast Award, a month-long competition from iHeartRadio, to Siena Jeakle and Lianna Holston of Frankly, my dear, a new movie review podcast.

Full list of category winners below:

Podcast of the year:

“Office Ladies” (Earwolf, Jenna Fischer, Angela Kinsey)

Icon Award – Innovator Award


Icon Award – Audible Audio Pioneer Award:

Serial productions (Sarah Koenig, Julie Snyder and Peter McDonnell)

Icon Award – Social Impact Award:

Baratunde Thurston

Best Crime Podcast:

“Crime Junkie” (AudioChuck)

Best Pop Culture Podcast:

“Pop Culture Happy Hour” (NPR)

Best Musical Podcast:

“Dolly Parton’s America” ​​(WNYC and OSM audio)

Best News Podcast:

“Pod Save America” ​​(Crooked)

Best Sports Podcast:

“All The Smoke” (The Black Effect Podcast Network)

Best Comedy Podcast:

“The Read” (speaker network)

Best Political Podcast:

“NPR Politics” (NPR)

Best Branded Podcast:

“Humans Growing Stuff” (ScottsMiracle-Gro)

Best podcast for kids and family:

“Wow in the world” (NPR)

Best Food Podcast:

“Home cooking” (Samin Nosrat / Hrishikesh Hirway)

Best Fiction Podcast:

“Blood Ties” (Wondery)

Best Beauty & Fashion Podcast:

“Articles of interest” (Avery Trufelman / 99% invisible)

Best General Host – Female:

Nicole Byer (“Why don’t you go out with me?”)

Best General Host – Male:

Conan O’Brien (“Conan O’Brien needs a friend”)

Best Business & Finance Podcast:

“Pivot” (NY Mag)

Best Green Podcast:

“How to save a planet” (Gimlet)

Best Travel Podcast:

“Traveling with Rick Steves” (Rick Steves)

Best Spirituality & Religion Podcast:

“Elevation with Steven Furtick” (Independent)

Best Inspirational Advice / Podcast:

“Unlock us with Brene Brown” (Parcast)

Best TV and Movie Podcast:

You must remember this? “(Karina Longworth)

Best Podcast in Spanish:

“Leyendas Legendarias” (Sonoro / All Things Comedy)

Best Ad Reading Podcast:

“Office Ladies” (Earwolf / Stitcher)

Best Science Podcast:

“Radiolab” (WNYC studios)

Best Tech Podcast:

“Rabbit Hole” (The New York Times)

Best Wellness & Fitness Podcast:

“Therapy for black girls” (Joy Harden Bradford / iHeartRadio)

Best History Podcast:

“Revisionist History” (Pushkin Industries)

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